60 Seconds of Cyber: Security Awareness Micro-Courses

Cyber Security Training and Consulting LLC is changing the security awareness training industry with our unique, valuable, and affordable 60 Seconds of Cyber series available now!  

The series includes cybersecurity awareness training courses that are 45 seconds to 2 minutes long and cover 40 Security Fundamentals topics, 10 Hacker Groups, and 10 Hacker Profiles. These short security awareness micro-courses are designed to introduce all levels of an organization to the most relevant cybersecurity topics in a simple-to-understand, practical manner.

The 60 Seconds of Cyber series of micro-courses are free to customers who purchase our Security Awareness: Annual Edition course, including the CMMC version.

If we’re going to convert humans from the weakest link in security to the strongest link in security it’s going to take more security awareness than knowing whether or not to click on a link in an email.  

The 60 Seconds of Cyber series introduces students to just the right amount of information needed to help them gain a better understanding of a wider range of information security topics and how they all fit together to protect us and our organizations from cyber risks.​ The 60 Seconds of Cyber series takes security awareness to the next level while doing so in an easy-to-understand, straightforward manner that anyone can grasp.

Our courses can be taken right now on our instance of the top-rated SAP Litmos learning management platform or licensed for use on your own LMS. Each course includes an educational component (45 seconds to 2 minutes) and a short quiz! We can export our courses in SCORM v1.2 and format.